Healthy Eating for a Restful and Deep Sleep

According to research, healthy eating has a positive impact on a healthy sleep. At the same time, the quality of sleep has a positive impact on daily life and body well being. Poor or disordered sleep can enormously affect your concentration, your work and your ability to interact positively with others. It’s during deep and healthy sleep that both mental and physical restoration take place. This will help you to feel alert and rejuvenated in the morning.

Although some chemicals in the body facilitate deep sleep, a healthy diet that is full of right nutrients also plays a big role. According to research, eating certain healthy foods triggers a sleep-inducing hormonal response that calms your muscles and nervous system. A diet that is fully packed with vitamin B enhances quality sleep. This is because vitamin B improves the body’s ability to produce a system calming serotonin and at the same time helps to regulate the body’s use of sleep-inducing tryptophan. Calcium is scientifically known as a natural relaxant which produces a calming effect to the nervous system. Lack of iron in the body has been associated with symptoms similar to restless leg syndrome while zinc deficiency is linked to insomnia. For this reason, it is important to include these minerals in your daily diet.

Importance of supplementation for a healthy sleep
Apart from including copper, iron, zinc, vitamins among other nutrients to your daily meal plan, it is also advisable to consider supplementation. This is because certain healthy supplements are known to contain ingredients which have a sleep inducing power. One such supplement is Hibern8. According to clinical analysis, Hibern8 contains clinically dosed ingredients which are known scientifically to induce healthy, deep and restful sleep. With healthy sleep, you will have a nighttime recovery of both mind and physical. Hibern8 is a one dose formula which you are supposed to take 30 minutes prior to bedtime. However, the dosage level can be increased to 2 to 3 capsules if you desire a stronger effect.

What affects the quality of sleep?
• Eating too little or too much: According to studies, too much food can cause digestive discomforts and result to wakefulness. At the same time, too little food can cause hunger pangs and affect the quality of sleep. For this reason, it is advisable to consume the right food portion one hour before bedtime.
• Alcohol: Although small amounts of alcohol to some individuals cannot affect the quality of sleep, large consumption of alcohol can cause sleep fragmentation as the body metabolizes the alcohol. According to research, alcohol can impair rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and worsen insomnia. In addition, alcohol is known to cause dehydration leaving your body tired the following day.
• Do not eat late at night: It is important for individuals who suffer from acid reflux to avoid eating late at night especially heavy meals that slow digestion. Lying down with a full stomach encourages gastric acid to flow up into the esophagus. This may ultimately cause uncomfortable heartburn that will affect the quality of your sleep.
• Use Hibern8 formula: To promote healthy sleep, it is advisable to use Hibern8 formula as it contains clinically dosed ingredients which promote healthy and restful sleep. This will eventually promote body recovery.

Diabetes Protocol

The diagnosis of Diabetes is becoming more prevalent , it is a condition that effects huge numbers of people the world over. The most current statistics released by the World Health Organization (WHO), revealed that there are 347 million people living with Diabetes worldwide, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), statistics estimate that there are 9.3%, or 29.1 million people that have Diabetes in the United States. Of all of the people that have Diabetes, only 21.0 percent of them have been diagnosed by a member of the medical profession, and 8.1 million people remain unaware that they even have the disease, as they have as of yet to be diagnosed.

Diabetes is known as the Silent Killer in the medical community, because it can sneak up on you without you even realizing it. There are certain ethnic groups of people that are more likely to get Diabetes than the others, but Diabetes is more or less a disease that can and will attack anyone, regardless of color, age, race or creed.Because of the nature of the disease, and how it operates within the body it is crucial that you remain alert and on top of anything that pertains to your health. Educating yourself on the symptoms of Diabetes, combined with a healthy diet, exercise, and engaging in a preventive program like The Diabetes Protocol Program are your best options if you plan to remain Diabetes free.

The Diabetes Protocol was created after comprehensive research and analysis of that research, which has unearthed some pretty impressive discoveries. The creator if the program, Dr. Kenneth Pullman, is sharing the results of his exhaustive work, and his findings could shake up the mainstream medical community, and change the way that the world not only treats, but looks at Diabetes.

The Diabetes Protocol Program has allowed Dr. Pullman to demonstrate the fact that a diagnoses of Diabetes does not have to be a death sentence. The special protocol developed by Dr. Pullman has been proven to decrease the symptoms of Diabetes, and irradiate it before it has a chance to make itself comfortable in your body.

When you consider just how many cases of Diabetes that there are not just in the United States, but throughout the world, the Diabetes Protocol is very much needed. Ask yourself this question, if you have been diagnosed as having Diabetes, and you were presented with the opportunity to get rid of it, or even prevent it from attacking your body, what would keep you from seizing that opportunity?

Dr. Pullman’s research has enabled him to pinpoint the specific causes as to why the methods that have been utilized by the conventional medical community to treat Diabetes hasn’t produced a cure for the disease. In addition to that, Dr Pullman has integrated information that will help you understand and recognize the symptoms of Diabetes, and its effects on the body.

With as much information that has been disseminated throughout the years, there have been no viable claims that the condition known as Diabetes could ever be reversed. Dr. Pullman’s Diabetes Protocol Program takes and dispels the misconceptions and the myths that have been generated and regenerated about Diabetes. Take a look at some of the valuable information that you will learn as a part of the Diabetes Protocol Program.

Diabetes by Any Other Name is Not the Same

For the most part when people talk about Diabetes, it is more or less spoken of in very broad terms, and often times Diabetes is not even called by its actual name, as there are a lot of people that refer to the condition as “Sugar”. Because of the generalized terms that are used to describe Diabetes, the average person fails to recognize that there are multiple types of Diabetes including Type I, Type II, and Gestational.


The lack of basic education regarding the different types of Diabetes has led to a lot of the lack of understanding of the disease and its effects on the body. The Diabetes Protocol Program explains the differences between the different types of Diabetes and describes a plan of action for how to address each of them. Dr. Pullman places a greater focus on Type I and Type II Diabetes, and his research has proven that the Diabetes Protocol Program has been a successful treatment for both forms of the disease.
Learn To Recognize The Symptoms of Diabetes
The first step that needs to be taken to resolve any problem, is to first realize that one actually exists, and the same is the case for the 8.1 million people that are currently residing in the United States with Diabetes that have no clue that they even have it. Moreover, there are those that have the disease and have just accepted the idea that life is just going to be whatever it is going to be, and so they take their prescriptions religiously, and never bother to ask any other questions or educate themselves beyond that. When you take a more detailed look into the symptoms of Diabetes, it is somewhat easy to see why it has been given the name the silent killer.

Continual thirst

More frequent urination

Steadfast hunger

Changes in vision like blurriness, spots, and darker hues

Wounds that either won’t or take a very long time healing

Tingling or numbness of the feet or hands

Vaginal yeast infections

Problems with intimacy

This Is The Real Difference
The Diabetes Protocol Program is diet based, and all-encompassing. It is far more than a diet or a guide. One perk of the program is that you will never be asked to stay away from your favorite foods. This approach to managing Diabetes will help you understand how the kidneys and the liver disperses glucose into your bloodstream, and why this release may have very little to do with the level of sugar that you ingest. You will also gain an understanding as to how the activities of certain enzymes and proteins actually dictate the release of sugar in the body.
Diabetes is a complicated disease, and if it is not managed properly can decrease your quality of life, and in chronic situations cause the loss of your arms and legs, and lead to death. Education is the key to being able to live a long health life after a diagnoses of Diabetes. Learning what to look for in regards to the symptoms of the disease, puts you way ahead of the rest of the pack when it comes to fighting and managing the disease. It takes just 19 days to change your life and live a much healthier life with The Diabetes Protocol Program. Learning what and how to eat is are two essential components necessary in the management or reversal of Diabetes. The Diabetes Protocol is a natural and effective weapon in the war against Diabetes.